Boarding and Dog Day Boarding

Staying in Comfort

  • Our canine boarding facility offers large indoor/outdoor kennels with heated floors for your dog’s comfort.
  • We also offer individual leash walking during your dog’s stay.
  • We have a large outdoor agility area for additional exercise.
  • Our feline boarding area has four large condos with multiple levels so your cat may exercise during its stay with us.
  • Our canine and feline boarding areas are separate, and our boarding pets are kept separate from our hospitalized patients.
  • Boarding pets may be dropped off or picked up during our regular office hours Monday through Saturday.
  • This service is also available between the hours of 5-6 pm on Sunday.
  • For your pet’s protection, we do require current vaccinations, or proof of titer.
  • Dogs need distemper/parvo, bordetella (kennel cough) and rabies, and cats need rabies, feline distemper and the upper respiratory complex.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dog Day Boarding?

Dog Day Boarding is care of your dog during the day while you are away at work, running errands, day travel or just fun for your pet.

Can any dog come to Dog Day Boarding?

Each dog privately receives a temperament screening prior to being accepted into Dog Day Boarding. This is a process that should only be done by a pet professional who has an interest in animal behavior. We may perform specific behavioral tests with your dog. Plan to leave your dog at Dog Day Boarding to begin the transition process. Depending on your pet?s temperament, we will introduce each dog to the pack individually. This process can take up to several days. It may seem very involved, as it should be. Safety should be your number one concern as it is ours and introductions should always be done slowly under a watchful, trained eye.

Are there certain breeds of dogs you do not accept?

NO… as educated canine trainers we know there is no such thing as an “aggressive breed”. People who think this are simply uneducated about dogs. All dogs were bred for a particular purpose ( like guarding or herding ) and have certainly been TRAINED to do other things. We also accept intact dogs. Females in heat will not be put in with males. We treat all dogs as individuals regardless of breed or mix.

Are certain dogs (remember not breeds, but dogs) aggressive?

Of course…these particular dogs can not come to day care. But these are dogs who were not socialized properly, did not learn bite inhibition as a puppy etc… Fearful dogs may or may not benefit from Dog Day Boarding. Again, this depends on the individual.

What is required of my dog?

Dogs must not be aggressive towards other dogs or people. Dogs cannot be overly-possessive over their toys in group time. Dogs must be current on all required vaccinations (DA2PP, Bordetella, and Rabies) All dogs must be free from internal and external parasites. Since each dog is screened individually, no breed is automatically eliminated. There are, however, medical and/or behavioral reasons your dog may not be allowed into the Dog Day Boarding? These dogs will be allowed to play individually or within their tolerance level.

What do the dogs do all day?

For the dogs at our day care their day is very open. Most dogs are dropped off between 7:30 and 9 am. We break off into groups in the early morning, and do lots of free play, starting off with minimal toys so the dogs can meet and greet. The dogs rotate in and out of our play yard. All dogs get a rest-time during the day. Our rest time is in a kennel or a side cage. If a dog has a mid-day meal we give it during rest-time. Any dog who needs medication can be given it as needed throughout the day.

Our goal is to work your dogs body AND mind. We want them pleasantly tired-out at the end of the day from playing, socializing and experiencing many new things. Interactive games, grooming time, training time- are just some of our activities. We are constantly working on good behaviors thru only reward based training. The bulk of the day is spent in chewing, interactive games, pool time, petting, loving, and group wrestling games. Most dogs then get picked up between 4 and 6pm.

How many dogs come to Dog Day Boarding?

At Dog Day Boarding, we currently average 6-8 dogs per day. Some dogs come everyday, some 2 to 3 days per week and some maybe just once a month. It all depends on your needs. We offer the play package to boarding dogs to augment their stay. Dog Day Boarding can also be utilized as a day-boarding or drop-in service.

What about big dogs and small dogs together?

Many small dogs may think they are a big dog, but our Dog Day Boarding has separate “Play Groups” for both small and big dogs as they need to be separated for different play games. We also have many different sized toys so no one is left out.

Do the dogs fight?

Lets talk about fighting in dogs…it is inevitable that if you get a group of dogs playing together some one may get a scratch to small “owie” now and then. Dogs often come to day care because they have high energy and play rough, therefore they seek out other rough players. But no day care should have a continuation of full blown fights. Play nips that may have resulted in a wound can occur, you must know this going in. DOGS PLAY HARD…this is the nature of dogs. But know this, every day care… no matter how great, has had a dog fight before…don’t let anyone kid you. We do our best to stop this from occurring and our doctors are on call for any wound care needs.

What types of dog toys do you use?

We use more indestructible type toys: Kong’s, Rubber toys, Cotton Tugs… Know this: its true many Dog Day Boarding center do not allow any toys in their facility. Why? Because they allow dogs in who are possessive around toys, so to prevent fights they simply do not allow toys at all. At LTSA DDC, we have a different approach. Why punish many for the behavior of a few? We simply do not allow dogs who have any possessive behaviors around food or toys to get out of hand. We never have any plushy toys, tennis balls, or food related toys. Any dog that gets too possessive, is allowed greater individual time rather than punishing the entire play group.

My dog is shy around other dogs, is Dog Day Boarding right for us?

Maybe. Dog Day Boarding is for already social dogs to have fun. If you dog is shy but completely appropriate in their behavior, we may be able to assist them on learning how to play more. If your dog is shy and acts inappropriate to other dogs, then no, day care is not the place for them. We encourage you to first come down for a tour. See the facility, see how safe the dogs are and how much fun they are having. Many dogs come to Dog Day Boarding for many different reasons. Some come because they are an only dog and want fun and exercise. Some come for the socialization and ability to “be a dog”, and some have separation anxiety and need to be around people and other dogs. Because we have different agendas in the Day Care, we can help your dog socialize with other dogs their own size and temperament. We have had many dogs who have been timid before coming to Dog Day Boarding who are now confident, socialized dogs who are more sure of themselves in group situations.

Why is it just during the day? Can I board my dog overnight?

Yes, you can add the Dog Day Boarding to your dog’s boarding stay as a “Play package” for an additional $5 per weekday. Individual time in the play yard is still offered twice a day for weekends and holidays at no charge.

What if my dog isn't accepted into Dog Day Boarding?

Dog Day Boarding is not for every dog. If your dog is not allowed to play with the big group, try not to take it personally. It does not mean you have do have a bad dog, just one that does not do well in this type of “pack” situation. If you are willing to let us help you with this issue, we may try socializing over a long but slow period of time. We also offer individual time that your dog is sure to become familiar with and enjoy as much as if it was in the full group.

Pros and Cons of Dog Day Boarding


  • Dog Day Boarding is a high-stimulation, high stress environment with human interaction.
  • Positive reinforcement using rewards (verbal, food, toys, access to other dogs) is our means of compliance for ‘good’ behaviors in this environment.
  • Young dogs can develop excellent canine social skills and manners. The enormity of a well-socialized dog cannot be underrated.
  • Exercise and socialization!!! Generally, a tired, well-exercised dog is a well-behaved dog.
  • Clients pick up a manageable dog from a day at daycare.
  • Owners can spend relaxed time enjoying their dogs rather than coming home to a wound up dog at the end of the workday.
  • Older dogs can relax and play games with other dogs. It is possible for our staff to limit the older dogs? exercise so no dog ?overdoes? it.


  • Dog Day Boarding is not for every dog.
  • Dog Day Boarding is a high-stimulation, high stress environment with human interaction.
  • Positive reinforcement using rewards (verbal, food, toys, access to other dogs) is our means of compliance for ‘good’ behaviors in this environment.
  • The dogs’ human supervisor has no real physical control over the dogs. However, the human supervisor does have the ability to remove any dog who is not tolerant of the daycare situation.
  • Day care is NOT FOR EVERY DOG. It can even be detrimental to some.
  • Some unsocialized dogs may not be suitable for a group play time or even individual time.
  • Some older dogs may not do well in a group play, or with the increased exercise?these dogs may need a specialized program to limit their exercise and exposure to more active dogs.
  • Dogs that are extremely fearful with strangers and/or other dogs may not benefit from Dog Day Boarding.